dyno tuning services

PCM / TCM tuning

$ 400 1998-2016 gm vehicles supported by hp

$ 600 2017 and up gm vehicles supported by hp                 

$ 750 ford vehicles supported by hp                                  

$ 750  chysler vehicles supported by hp  (minus viper)  

$ 200 Additional for late model chrysler 8 speed transmissions   

$ 1750 vipers supported by hp                                         

$ 1000 per 8 hour day on all standalone systems             

Dyno rental $ 125.00 per hour                                          

parts and service

Full access to high performance parts

competitive pricing compared to online warehouses

full installation shop on parts purchased from PBJ

Labor rate $ 125.00 an hour

engine building / portwork / custom camshafts

We use A and K machine for all Engine machining

We use Peak Performance for all cnc and cylinder head porting

We do all custom camshaft profiles in house to suit your needs 

Custom PBJ Camhafts

ls cams

We have profiles that fit every application

327 cid n/a blower nitrous turbo

346 cid n/a blower nitrous turbo

364 cid n/a blower nitrous turbo

427 cid n/a blower nitrous turbo

lsx big cube n/a blower nitrous turbo


viper and new dodge core (5.7 6.1 and 6.4)

v10 cams (car and truck)

488 n/a blower nitrous turbo

505 n/a blower nitrous turbo

5.7 n/a blower nitrous turbo 

6.1 n/a blower nitrous turbo

6.4 n/a blower nitrous turbo

PBJ cam pricing

 $ 400 for ls style cams

 $ 650 for viper cams      

 $ 700 for new core dodge cams

call e mail or facebook for a custom cam to fit your combo

all the little things

dealer accounts

We are dealers for multiple companies... price us before you make a purchase.

American Racing Headers

Comp Cams

HP Tuners


Mickey Thompson

Nitrous Express

Nitrous Outlet

spec clutch


Yank Performance

price match

Find your best price and I will do my best to match or beat it ... that includes the big warehouses and online pricing. Sometimes our city tax may be the only thing keeping us away from saving you money.

Tuning is not the only thing we do at PBJ

We offer a complete line of mechanical services besides tuning. We install all products to enhance the performance of your car / truck... differentials, engines, transmissions, suspension...etc

custom fabrication

We offer a complete line of nitrous systems... from plates and nozzles to custom foggers.


We offer a up to date diagnostic platform to stay current with new model vehicles. Some tuning shops stop if there is a mechanical issue, we have the equipment and the experience to diagnose the problems and continue. 


." Joe just tuned my TBSS and I could not be happier. Great guy to deal with and he knows his sh@t . My car was tuned by another guy and Joe left that tune in the dirt. When I left his shop it was a night and day difference. Thanks Joe "   

  " Best guy around for tuning cars, he does amazing work. highly recommend him ."

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Performance By Joe

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Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm By appointment

Saturday: closed

Sunday: Closed

e mails and facebook are answered m-f 9-5

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